Wellness in the Workplace

Over the years Naomi has been invited to facilitate workshops for a variety of professional groups on the importance of mindfulness for mental health & wellbeing.

Wellness in the workplace is becoming more important with the rise of anxiety and stress in many workplaces. With over 20 years of mindfulness practice in her own personal life, Naomi is able to create workshops and facilities to help create a more mindful, and happy workplace.

Case Study

Murdoch Veterinary College

Naomi has been integral to the Veterinary Professional Life course since its inception in 2009. Veterinarians have a high rate of depression, anxiety and suicidality and the VPL units aim to equip the vet students with personal resources that can help to prevent or address these issues.

One of the main features of this course is a three-day camp, with a major focus upon positive psychology, self-awareness, resilience and gratitude. Naomi has developed and delivered an evolving program centred around these themes, and the student engagement in the program is rewarding to see. Naomi also provides ad hoc counselling to students during the camp, with students often seeking her out.

Client Experience


  • In 2017 Naomi was appointed Psychologist of Choice by the Veterinary Surgeon’s Board
  • Spoken to a number of professional groups about wellbeing for veterinarians including:
  • 2018 Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference “Fostering Mental Health and Wellbeing in Veterinary Practice”
  • 2014 AVA Grads in Practice Conference: Identifying and treating depression, anxiety and stress in the workplace
  • 2013 “Confronting Depression for Graduate Veterinarians in Practice” presented at the AVA Mentoring Program & OneLife


  • 2018 Herbert Smith Freehills - workshop for staff: “Changes in the Legal Profession: Friend or Foe?”
  • 2018 CPD event for lawyers coordinated by Leaker Partners called “The Resilient Lawyer”

Health Dept:

  • 2017 “Mental Health in the Workplace” workshop for WA Health Dept to help mental health workers identify stress, depression and anxiety in themselves and their team, and tips on how to help
  • Coaches
  • Facilitated workshops for ICF coaches on Mindfulness and Positive Organisational Scholarship strategies for optimal functioning in the workplace
  • Mindfulness in the workplace workshops run for the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Organisational Psychologists
  • Wellness and mindfulness in the workplace for People Solutions.


  • Wellness in the Workplace workshops for WA Country Health Services
“The best part of my job is seeing my clients flourish. They lead their teams better, they’re happier, they find more of a work life balance, improve their communication styles and workplace relationships and they are able to get the best from their teams even when the pressure is intense and everyone is working at capacity.”

— Naomi Bickley

To understand more about workshops about wellness and mindfulness, please visit our Corporate Workshops Page

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